Shatterpoint: We Are Brave (Queen Amidala squad)

Enough of these armored warrior types. It’s time for some dresses

Queen Padmé Amidala

The facepaint on Amidala intimidated me, though I think it turned out reasonably.


Sabé’s a tricky one, with her blaster at the ready.

The blending on the handmaidens also gave me pause. I used my technique of blending GW Contrast paints.

We Are Brave (Queen Amidala squad)

Shatterpoint: Fistful of Credit (Cad Bane squad)

Cad Bane’s rolling into town.

Cad Bane

Cad’s hat is awesome, but big enough that his face is essentially invisible on the tabletop. You can’t even tell how blue he is.

Aurra Sing

I accidentally snipped off Aurra Sing’s antenna, thinking it was an extra bit of sprue. Oops. I replaced it with a bit of brass rod.

The Bounty Hunters, along with Aurra, have a cool ability to adopt tags (keywords) for an activation. It doesn’t even have to be their own. That lets them interact interestingly with just about any other crew.

Fistful of Credit (Cad Bane squad)

I like the sculpted based in Shatterpoint, but with only one four-pack of regular 40mm bases, they start to get pretty samey. To shake it up, I decided to add spice to each model in this box. I made the cabling with green stuff and my tentacle makers. The power pack on Cad’s base is the back half of a space marine terminator torso.

Shatterpoint: This Party’s Over (Mace Windu squad)

Mace Windu is here to shut down the party.

Mace Windu

The shape of the creases in Mace Windu’s cloak did not take well to my standard wash technique.

Commander Ponds

Ponds continues my tradition of using the bare head alternates for secondaries. I’m getting quite a collection of clone helmets in the bit box.

The clones in this whole box turned out more on the gray side than I had intended. But at least it stands out on a white background.

Mace Windu squad