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Crisis Protocol: Quinjet

Crisis Protocol has a bunch of nicely themed terrain sets. Some of them are a little bit big for playability, but do a lot of work to sell the setting. The Quinjet is one such example.

Quinjet (front)

My buddy very generously gave me this set for Christmas. I quickly got it painted for play, though it’s taken a while to get it posted here.

Quinjet (top)

The main color is a Turbo Dork colorshift, which helps to give large flat surfaces some variation. I also drybrushed on the edges to bring out the shape.

I wish I had the foresight to weight down the nose. There is a lot more model behind the landing gear than in front of it. The bit of ground keeps it balanced, but it would be nice to let it stand freely.

Carnevale: Terrain Starter

In addition to the starter crews, cardboard board tiles and buildings, the Carnevale starter also comes with this resin terrain. The gondola especially really helps sell the canals of Venice as an integral part of the game.


I say terrain, though really you can take the gondolas as part of your list and row it around.

Mooring posts

There are also these mooring posts. As usual, terrain provides a fun opportunity to make things messy.