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Relicblade: Braziers Round 2

I already had one set of Relicblade braziers, but some missions need more than three. So I ordered another set.

Braziers (round 2)

The others had blue flames. These could be used to indicate an opposing faction, so I went with green flames.

Braziers (round 2, with flames)

But flames isn’t enough. Ever since I played with the first set, I wanted something different. I wanted pools of blood. So I made some. One of the awesome bits of these braziers is the rounded bowl that the flames match. It keeps the flames in place without needing magnets. For the blood, I pressed a flame’s rounded edge into some Instant Mold to make a negative. Once cool, I could make a matching positive of green stuff, then press a few skulls and other creepy stuff into it. I made three with blood, and three with just skulls and such, so they can be split into two groups again. More factions!

Braziers (blood sacrifice)

Put it all together, and I’ve got quite a collection of brazier-based objectives.

Braziers (flames)

Terrain: Scrap Yard Tablescapes

Ever since these were announced, I wanted them. But I didn’t have much of an excuse. They’re bulky, and I mostly play in stores. Well, the store excuse fell away. Plus they’re getting hard to find. I guess it was time!

The tiles are one-foot squares, which lines up perfectly with Fallout’s Into the Wasteland scenarios. They come as bare grey plastic, but the detail is such that they paint up quickly. I mostly followed the guide on Secret Weapon’s blog. Airbrush the ground and debris, then pigment wash in the dust. I added in some drybrushing and stippling for extra color.

Maybe I should pick up some more themes before it’s too late.

Fallout: Turrets

These turrets skirt the line between terrain and regular models.

Laser turret (brown)

The pack comes with a pair of laser and a pair of machine gun turrets. The laser turrets don’t do much for me, but the machine gun ones are just so cute.

Laser turret (green)

Unfortunately the pairs are identical, including the scenic base. The machine gun ones have a ton of shell casings. Although that’s appropriate, it makes it harder to swap them. Fortunately, the tripods are equilateral triangles, so you can easily rotate to add a bit of variety.

Machine gun turret (brown)

The tripods and bodies are separate pieces, with a peg. I drilled them out and put in magnets, so they can be rotated.

Machine gun turret (beige)
Fallout turrets