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Terrain: Jersey Barriers

I’ve been (very) slowly building up a collection of post apocalyptic miniatures. Well it’s high time for some terrain. These jersey barriers from Secret Weapon are perfect scatter terrain. They’d even work for a modern setting, just one off the beaten path a bit.

Jersery Barriers

I also used some new Vallejo scenic acrylics for weathering. The yellow lichen is sponged on, and the grimes streaked with a wet brush.

Terrain: Rice Huts and Bell Temple by Sarissa Precision

I’ve been eyeing these MDF kits from Sarissa for quite some time. I finally bought them to get to free shipping from a Warlord clearance sale. The rest of the purchase has been sitting sadly in a drawer, but at least these buildings got done.

Bell Temple

I tried a new technique with these kits. I often feel like MDF kits end up really flat, To try to address it, I made washes out of acrylic, but then used it more like an oil wash. I first applied it really sloppy, then went back and softened the edges. I had to move quickly because the wood soaked up the moisture pretty quickly.

Rice Huts

With this technique I managed to get a lot of variance of color, especially for shading in the inside corners, like the framing on the rice huts. I like the streaks on the roof, but there’s not enough variation.

I originally was eyeing these kits for Bushido, though I haven’t actually played it at all. I’m thinking it would also work for a fantasy setting like Relicblade.

Terrain: Scatter (Tardis, altar, pillar, treasure tokens)

In the past few months I’ve picked up some random scatter terrain from the Reaper Bones line. These make for great affordable little pieces. The plastic really lends itself to the blocky shapes.

It started with the Tardis / police box. I figure a Tardis could belong in just about any setting across time and space. Next came the Cthulhu pillar, as a compliment for my Dust monsters, though again it can fit it just about anywhere. Finally, I grabbed the altar as dungeon dressing for Relicblade.

Treasure Tokens
Treasure Tokens

Speak of Relicblade, I also got these as treasure tokens. I have no idea who made them. It came in an unmarked blister package with a SKU written in sharpie on a postit. The receipt from the shop claimed it was from Deep Wars, but I’m pretty sure that’s a lie. In any case, they’re resin, and the casting is a bit sloppy but it works well enough as a marker.