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Terrain: Tent and Lean-to

I have mixed feelings about the PVC-type plastic WizKids uses. It’s very bendy, which makes it durable. But it also makes it hard to clean mold lines or straighten a sword. But for scatter terrain it’s hard to go wrong.

Tent and Lean-to

These tents could go nicely with the adventurer’s campsite from Malice. Or it could fit into modern, post-apoc, or even historical games if you don’t think too much about it. Versatile is nice.

Terrain: Frostgrave Ulterior Motives and Red Herrings II

This pack of scatter terrain was in the discount bin at the game shop. I’ve always got room in my heart for these sort of inserts.

I thought about saving the arch for putting on a building. But then I remembered that I never get around to those kind of projects, so I should just take it. It could stand on its own as a magic portal, or maybe against a wall as a fancy entrance.