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Terrain: Small Scatter

This is the final collection of scatter terrain from Crooked Dice. Instead of medium sized pieces, each enough to hide a model, these are small individual pieces. Taken all together, they can add a lot more life to a scene.


The crates match the previous crate clumps. They could be stacked up, or maybe just put around the corner.

Trade goods

The trade goods could go on a table or maybe in a cart.


Barrels, perhaps the most universal of all scatter terrain.

Terrain: Barrel and Crate Clusters

I continue to slowly put together a terrain collection. You really can never have enough scatter terrain. These pieces are from Crooked Dice, who makes a lovely collection of miniatures and terrain.

These crates would fit into just about any setting. Fantasy, modern, post-apoc, pulp, you name it.

The barrels as painted are more of a post-apoc, though they’d probably fit into a modern setting well enough, if it’s for a ramshackle location. The weathering is a bit haphazard, but that’s what makes it fun.

Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

Underworlds has board game-styled boards, which is nice for quick setup, but far flatter than I’m used to. Fortunately, starting with Underworlds, GW has released plastic terrain kits with pieces for each of boards’ special hexes.

For blocked hexes, it’s very useful to have the terrain as truly blocked. For some of the hazardous hexes (the tentacle pit of doom), the piece is flat enough for a model to stand on. For others, you’ll need to move the marker off the hex. That makes them somewhat less useful and immersion-breaking. Ahh, well, it’s better than nothing.