Blackstone Fortress: Explorers (Amallyn Shadowguide, Dahyak Grekh, Esperno Locarno, and Janus Draik)

We already saw the initial party. Now it’s time for the rest of the explorers.

Amallyn Shadowguide

This group includes both of the xenos explorers in the game (other than White Dwarf). Amallyn is a Eldar, with a very long gun.

Dahyak Grekh

Grekh is a Kroot, and a somewhat shorter gun.

Esperno Locarno

Esperno gets the second best hat in the game.

Janus Draik

Janus is such a dashing swashbucket he doesn’t wear a face mask.

Blackstone Fortress Explorers (the second group)

Blackstone Fortress: Explorers (Taddeus the Purifier, Pious Vorne, UR-025, and Rein and Raus)

We’ve got the boss, it’s time for some heroes!

Pious Vorne

This first batch of heroes was selected mostly for their appearance, and formed our initial party.

Rein and Raus

I went with a blue for the base hexes on the heroes. This gives them a little extra to stand out from the mob of hostiles.

Taddeus the Purifier

Models like Taddeus really drew me to Blackstone Fortress. GW goodness combined with unusual subjects? Space pope? Yes please!


UR-025 is universally known as “the robot” in our games. “UR-025” just isn’t very easy to say, or even shorthand. Sorry buddy, I know you were hoping for some identity.

Blackstone Fortress Explorers, the initial party

Blackstone Fortress: Obsidius Mallex and his Chaos Space Marine Bodyguards

I scored a Blackstone Fortress box as a Christmas gift. My hope for it was to play on my own, with the kids coming and going as they pleased. And of course, get a fresh taste of 40k painting, to go with the Underworlds and Blitz Bowl I’ve been enjoying.

I’ve been playing a session every weekend, and having a ton of fun. The kids are mostly with me. It does work well for them to drop in and out. Many a dinner conversation is about our exploits to date.

Obsidius Mallex

I wanted to do something interesting for the bases, but not shell out for resin ones. I settled on hexes (masked with cut out tape, airbrushed, then edge highlighted by hand), pipes (made with my trusty Tentacle Maker), and good old fashioned sand (painted grey). The hexes mesh well with the general aesthetic of the game, and the sand hides slots and reduces the number of tiny hexagons I need to cut and place.

Base detail
Obsidius Mallex and his Chaos Space Marine bodyguards

Terrain: Scrap Yard Tablescapes

Ever since these were announced, I wanted them. But I didn’t have much of an excuse. They’re bulky, and I mostly play in stores. Well, the store excuse fell away. Plus they’re getting hard to find. I guess it was time!

The tiles are one-foot squares, which lines up perfectly with Fallout’s Into the Wasteland scenarios. They come as bare grey plastic, but the detail is such that they paint up quickly. I mostly followed the guide on Secret Weapon’s blog. Airbrush the ground and debris, then pigment wash in the dust. I added in some drybrushing and stippling for extra color.

Maybe I should pick up some more themes before it’s too late.