Blackstone Fortress: Explorers (Taddeus the Purifier, Pious Vorne, UR-025, and Rein and Raus)

We’ve got the boss, it’s time for some heroes!

Pious Vorne

This first batch of heroes was selected mostly for their appearance, and formed our initial party.

Rein and Raus

I went with a blue for the base hexes on the heroes. This gives them a little extra to stand out from the mob of hostiles.

Taddeus the Purifier

Models like Taddeus really drew me to Blackstone Fortress. GW goodness combined with unusual subjects? Space pope? Yes please!


UR-025 is universally known as “the robot” in our games. “UR-025” just isn’t very easy to say, or even shorthand. Sorry buddy, I know you were hoping for some identity.

Blackstone Fortress Explorers, the initial party

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