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Fallout: Unusual Allies

Unusual Allies is the Survivors character box as part of the Institute wave.

Nick Valentine

In the video game, Nick Valentine’s face is clearly a synth, but a mostly destroyed convincing human face. Think of the end of a Terminator movie. I got the hands and back of the head okay, but the face doesn’t give much of a hint.


Hancock is a ghoul, the first non-feral ghoul sculpt to be released. Plus he has a rad hat.


Strong suffered from the bendy hammer syndrome I’ve run into before. I decided it wasn’t bad enough to try to replace.

Unusual Allies (group)

Fallout: Vault Dwellers

The vault dwellers make a good addition either as fresh recruits for Survivors, or as foes for someone exploring that cave opening.

Vault Dweller (grenade)

The dweller can be distinguished from the Sole Survivors due to their lack of armor.

Vault Dweller (two-handed grip)

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready for action.

Vault Security (aimed)

Vault security is also available to put down any insurrection. Though with the careful planning of Vault-Tec, they surely won’t be needed.

Vault Security (baton ready)

Perhaps non-lethal attacks will be enough.

Vault Dwellers (group)

Fallout: X-01 Power Armor and Dogmeat

This two-pack completes my Survivors collection, at least until the wave 3 models filter in.

X-01 Power Armor

I really dig the look of the X-01 power armor. The helmet is probably the coolest of the Fallout power armors.

Armored Dogmeat

And what heavily armored survivor would be complete without a heavily armored puppy as a friend?

X-01 Power Armor and Armored Dogmeat

Fallout: Minutemen

The Minutemen are the first of the “generic dude” boosters for the Survivors faction in Fallout.

Minuteman (aimed)

Honestly, I never really cared for the “revolutionary war with lasers” look in Fallout 4, but I’m a completionist so what can I say?

Minuteman (gun up)

The paint job is probably a bit too uniform, though I did switch around the colors a bit.

Minuteman (hip shot)

At least there are a few rad tricorner hats.

Minuteman (squat)
Minutemen (group)