Carnevale: Feral Besiegers

Although I’m tempted by pretty much all the Carnevale factions, I think I’ve chosen Rashaar as the primary. That means I have every excuse to fill out the roster, including the newer feral subfaction. Lots of monsters to play with.

Bulbous Toad

The toad is my favorite model of the set. All hail hypnotoad.

Cymothoan Crusher

I still don’t quote understand the Crusher, which shows in the painting. I tried a green drybrush to give some contrast, which was only somewhat successful.

The Hellhounds are mostly painted with airbrushed GW Contrast paints. It’s easy to get smooth blends between colors.

Feral Besiegers

Carnevale: Escape from San Canciano Guild

A buddy picked up the smaller Carnevale starter box, the Escape from San Canciano. It’s at a very attractive price, but unfortunately the contents really suffer for it. For example, instead of cardstock Venice tiles, you get a poster.


The Arbalest adds some much needed long range combat.


On the plus side, it comes with two four-model crew of unique sculpts. My buddy was kind enough to share the Guild half of it with me.


I’ve run into a couple of nets like this. I think this is the first one that I’ve actually been happy with how it looks.


Watch out, the toeless bandit is on the loose!

Guild Escape from San Canciano