Malifaux: Vengeful Ghosts (Seishin and Goryo)

Next up for Kirai minions is the Vengeful Ghosts box.

The Goryo are pretty cool with the ghostly bodies swirling about. I never feel like I capture the spectral quality of these kind of models. Translucent models would be helpful.

I don’t like how the Seishin turned out at all. Nothing really works on them. I tried to give a glow on the base like they’re ghosting through, but it doesn’t really sell. The colors don’t work. Nothing works. But, I tend to move on rather than repainting a model, so here they stand.

Vengeful Ghosts (Seishin and Goryo)

Malifaux: Ravenous (Gaki and Shikome)

Kirai is a summoner, which really encourages you to go out and get all the minions. First up is Ravenous, with Gaki and Shikome.

The Gaki are weird hooded tooth monsters. I feel like they would be right at home in a Labyrinth-style muppet movie.


I already did one Shikome, the alt He-kome. So I was able to resist and just do one from the Ravenous box. The other will be available for bits. Wings are always useful.

Ravenous (Skikome and Gaki)

Malifaux: He-kome (alt Shikome)

Wyrd traditionally releases a limited edition gender-swapped ‘Miss’ model at Gencon. Usually this takes a male character and reimagines it as a female with a clever name like Miss Deed or Miss Feasance. For 2018, they went the opposite way and made this male Shikome. Since I painted up Kirai, it’s finally time to put him together.

He-kome (alt Shikome)

I quite like the giant wings, though I wish they rested a bit more evenly on the base (or maybe I didn’t quite align them correctly).

Malifaux: Kirai Core Box (Kirai, Ikiryo, Lost Love, Onryo)

Kirai offers a chance for a different take on the Resurrectionists than the zombies of McMourning.


Kirai herself is a more refined model, with a fluid pose and incredibly large shears.

Datsue Ba

Datsue Ba has a cool octopus lamp.


Ikiryo sadly didn’t get a resculpt in the M3E box. There’s something about her that doesn’t do it for me.

Lost Love

Lost Love looks angry.

The Onryo are dancerly, like Kirai.

Kirai Core Box