Malifaux: Canine Remains

The Canine Remains are a cheap minion for McMourning. As usual, my supernatural animals turn out much cooler than more natural ones.

Canine Remains (blue)

I had intended for this puppy to be a blue-black. It turned out just plain blue, but I actually like it. So much of my Malifaux is drab colors, it’s nice to have something bolder.

Canine Remains (leaping)

I lost one of this guy’s ears during assembly. But why won’t a zombie dog be missing an ear?

Canine Remains (running)

Many Malifaux undead models (like the Rougarou) have chunks of exposed flesh to demonstrate it’s undeadness. I always struggle to make it blend with the rest of the model.

Canine Remains (group)