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Malifaux: Undertow (Drowned and Jaakuna Umbume)

Undertow is the final box in Kirai’s keyword.

Drowned (female)

The Drowned are zombies chained to anchors. Seems like an unpleasant way to go.

Drowned (male, large)

Some fishies have nibbled on this guy’s arm. How sad.

Drowned (male, small)

Really I think they look pretty good for having slept with the fishies.

Jaakuna Ubume

Jaakuna’s got some swimmers trying to come up and say hi. Hello, friends!

Undertow (Drowned and Jaakuna Ubume)

Malifaux: Vengeful Ghosts (Seishin and Goryo)

Next up for Kirai minions is the Vengeful Ghosts box.

The Goryo are pretty cool with the ghostly bodies swirling about. I never feel like I capture the spectral quality of these kind of models. Translucent models would be helpful.

I don’t like how the Seishin turned out at all. Nothing really works on them. I tried to give a glow on the base like they’re ghosting through, but it doesn’t really sell. The colors don’t work. Nothing works. But, I tend to move on rather than repainting a model, so here they stand.

Vengeful Ghosts (Seishin and Goryo)

Malifaux: Ravenous (Gaki and Shikome)

Kirai is a summoner, which really encourages you to go out and get all the minions. First up is Ravenous, with Gaki and Shikome.

The Gaki are weird hooded tooth monsters. I feel like they would be right at home in a Labyrinth-style muppet movie.


I already did one Shikome, the alt He-kome. So I was able to resist and just do one from the Ravenous box. The other will be available for bits. Wings are always useful.

Ravenous (Skikome and Gaki)