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Arena Rex: Wendigo

I’m slowly completing my collection of the Arena Rex line. The Wendigo is the last of the non-mount beasts.


I was afraid it would end up being a fragile model. That spin isn’t very big, but the upper body is quite large. It ended up fitting together quite solidly.

The purple flesh isn’t quite as otherworldly as I had hoped, but the gore in the chest cavity turned out pretty nice.

Arena Rex: Nero and Septimus

Each faction gets a beast and rider. For Ludus Magnus, it’s Nero with his rider Septimus.


Nero is is a nice bulky bull. I took the easy way out and did some shading with an airbrush and highlights mostly by drybrushing.

Nero and Septimus

As my habit for Arena Rex mounts, I embedded small magnets in both beast and rider. In Nero’s case, that made it impossible to line up the reins.

Nero and Septimus (top)

But I think it’s less distracting to have not-quite-attached reins than it would be to cut them off entirely and have him just miming it. Bowstrings you can imagine, reins less so.

Nero and Septimus

Arena Rex: Dimitrios with Telesto

The beasties in Arena Rex are some of my favorites. The Helleniki get this seahorse.


As is my tradition with the mounts, I magnetized the rider and tried to hide the magnet in the mount. This rider is kind enough to use his net as a saddle, which give a nice connection to work with.

Telesto and Dimitrios

And of course, we need Dimitrios on foot as well. I guess he’s still kind of sitting on his net.

Dimitrios (foot)