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Arena Rex: Crassus

Crassus is one of the beasts found found within the Arena Rex world. The photos don’t really show it, but it’s a massive model. Amusingly, if you take it in your cohort, after you ‘kill’ it, it becomes a living hazard. Don’t poke the bear!


As a bonus, it also comes with this secondary model. Crassus has been in the pit for some time, evidently. Perhaps a second hazard?

Crassus droppings

Arena Rex: Sereqet and Zahra

Sereqet is another of the beasts for Arena Rex. Like Caho-Ta and Ladon, it can optionally have a rider. In this case, Zahra is part of the Morituri starter.

Sereqet with Zahra

Like the other mounts, I drilled and glued in a small magnet to help the rider stay in place.


I wanted a metallic green for the carapace. It came out a bit on the chalky side, but I’m generally pretty happy with it.

As a bonus, this model would work as a pretty good radscorpion for This is Not a Test, Fallout, or other post-apoc games.

Arena Rex: Cato and Ladon

I missed Cato on his initial release, but once his mount Ladon became I available I knew I’d eventually make him mine. Plus, his Exilii benefits give me an excuse to buy whatever other models from the line appeal to me. Win-win?


I’ve been doing a lot of greens and reds, so I decided to focus on blue for Cato. As usual, the Arena Rex models are beautiful, if finicky in the thin parts.


Ladon followed my usual approach for beast models. Airbrush the main color, with some highlights and modulation. Then wash and drybrush. The drybrush falls apart if you look very closely, but otherwise I’m happy.

Cato with Landon

Like Caho-Ta, I drilled a small hole for a magnet so that I can add/remove the rider as desired. The spear is metal, where the rest of the model is resin. This has the advantage of not being droopy like some other thin pieces, but it bends super easily.

Arena Rex: Anum

At this point I’ve got a pretty good size collection of Arena Rex beasts. It’s probably about time I could take them as a cohort.


Anum brings some pretty cool abilities, including giving up some health to remove a fatigue, for a surprise double-whammy.

As a model I’m actually happy with how the spots turned on the hyena, unlike a lot of the animal patterns I’ve attempted.