Arena Rex: Caho-Ta with Hroka

Caho-Ta is actually maybe my least favorite of the Beast models for Arena Rex. A horse is maybe a little mundane. Still, it’s a very dynamic horse. Just look at the face.


Caho-Ta is the Zephyri mount, going with Hroka. So of course I had to have him. I ended up embedding a magnet to hold Hroka in place. It’s not quite as smooth as I might like, but it’s a lot firmer than relying on friction.

One of the things that make Arena Rex models unique is how much they take advantage of the three dimensional nature. Many Malifaux models, for example, clearly are designed first as the two-dimensional character art, then fleshed out. As a result, that original angle is canonical and any other angle suffers.

Caho-Ta, on the other hand, looks quite different from every angle. A single view doesn’t capture it well.

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