Arena Rex: Wendigo

I’m slowly completing my collection of the Arena Rex line. The Wendigo is the last of the non-mount beasts.


I was afraid it would end up being a fragile model. That spin isn’t very big, but the upper body is quite large. It ended up fitting together quite solidly.

The purple flesh isn’t quite as otherworldly as I had hoped, but the gore in the chest cavity turned out pretty nice.

40k: Dark Eldar Ravagers

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

Every army needs a pile of heavy weapons. For the Dark Eldar, that took the form of the Ravager, a lightweight sailboat holding three heavy guns.

Ravagers (first pair)

Since the rules, at least at the time, allowed for weapons to be destroyed, I magnetized each of the gun turrets, so it could be pulled off entirely. The guns are also magnetized to their mount so it could be swapped out.

Ravager (the third)

Finally, the sail is also magnetized, to make it easier to transport.