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Shatterpoint: Appetite for Destruction (General Grievous squad)

What good is just a starter set? My daughter played the Shatterpoint demo with me, and when we decided to both participate in a four-week league at the local shop. I let my daughter pick the first box to expand into. She picked Grievous and his many arms.

General Grievous

Grievous as a model has lots of spindly bits. I’m not looking forward to putting him in foam. So far he’s been transported with some blue tack to the lid of a plastic box.


Kraken is the same sort of robot as Kalani from the starter. I did his filigree without metallics to try to give a little more to distinguish them, though it could use more.

I gave a few panels a lighter shade and stippled on some browns to give these B2s some visual depth.

Appetite for Destructions (General Grievous squad)

Shatterpoint: Asajj Ventress squad

Let’s do another dark side from the Shatterpoint starter, this time Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress, Sith Assassin

I copied off the studio model and used blue in the shadows of her skirt. I like how it turned out. I should probably use color like this a lot more than I do.

Kalani, Super Tactical Droid

Kalani came with two arm options. I chose this one over a holo display because I thought it looked cooler. Now, looking at the very similar Kraken sculpt in the Grievous box, I wish I had chosen the holo display to make them more distinct.

The battle droids come as a bunch to a base. I painted a couple of limbs a different color, as a field repair with parts from a different unit.

Shatterpoint: Lord Maul Squad

I’d call myself a casual fan of Star Wars. I dig (most of) the movies. I’ve seen some of the related shows. But I love me some skirmish games, so let’s do it.

Lord Maul

Lord Maul seems to be more intact than the last time I saw him. I should probably watch Clone Wars sometime and maybe I’ll understand.

The starter set has too many Mandalorians in it. Each side has three models out of eight models (a Secondary plus a pair of Supporting) in Mandalorian armor. There are models from each unit type that are posed mid-jump.

Gar Saxon

So as sad as I am to lose Gar Saxon’s cool spiky helmet, I went with the bare head for the Secondaries. This should help them stand out from the Support on the tabletop.