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Blackstone Fortress: Beastmen

The Beastmen are the last of the Blackstone Fortress core box models to be featured. This one has four models, with a couple of different components to mix and match.

Beastman (red, chainsword)

That allows for all four to be distinct.

Beastman (blue, sword)

Like the Traitor Guard, I did these with distinct color groups. In practice, it hasn’t been a problem to tell the different between hostile groups, but it’s still useful.

Beastman (blue, chainsword)

In game, the beastmen occupy a strange space. They’re in small numbers, and not much harder to kill than the guard. They don’t hit repeatedly like the ur-ghuls, and don’t ignore defense like the negavolts. I don’t end up fearing them.

Beastman (red, sword)
Beastmen (group)

Blackstone Fortress: Rogue Psykers

Next up in the collection of Blackstone Fortress baddies is the rogue psykers.

Rogue Psyker (staff down)

Two of these guys come in the kit. Even though they both come from a duplicate sprue, there’s a different upper body piece. That really helps distinguish these characterful poses.

Rogue Psyker (staff up)

I wet blended some reds on the head, to try to show the psychic energy collecting within.

Rogue Psykers

Blackstone Fortress: Traitor Guard

The Traitor Guard are the most numerous of the hostiles in Blackstone Fortress. The box comes with two sets of seven unique sculpts, for fourteen models altogether. Nothing else has more than four models. In the base game, they came appear in groups sizes from four to eight.

In my first game (played with shamefully unpainted models) I ended up with three separate groups of Traitor Guard. And of course they immediately intermingled. I needed to do something to help keep them apart.

I counted up the frequency for each group size. The max size is 8, but 6 is quite frequent. I decided on two groups of loud colors (6 red and 4 blue), then a third group of more subtle color (grey). That way the greys could be used to bolster either group, or standalone, depending on the scenario.

Traitor Guard (red squad)
Traitor Guard (blue team)
Traitor Guard (grey squad)