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Inquisition War: Inquisitor Volta and retinue

I’m participating in a 40k campaign over at Endgame.  The premise is a war breaking out between Radical and Puritan Inquisitors.  Each Inquisitor takes command of some army (all armies are possible, even Tyranids!), and then they start to duke it out.

This, of course, means that everybody needs to paint up an Inquisitor and his retinue.  I decided to use some Necromunda models I’ve had lying around.  My fluff is that Inquisitor Volta (of the Puritan Ordos Xenos persuasion) most recently cleared out a genestealer infestation in the underhive somewhere, and recruited a bunch of local gangers.

Everybody got Urban Invasion bases from Secret Weapon.  This serves a couple of purposes:

  • It ties back to the fluff
  • It’s distinct from the main army, which is a fairly simple grass flock/dying static grass
  • It still ties into the main army, through a Deathwatch Kill Team, which I’ll talk about another time.
Inquisitor Zanino Volta

Volta is made from a Necromunda Pyromaniac.  I gave him a rosette from the Forgeworld brass etch, and made a needle pistol out of a Dark Eldar splinter pistol and the targetter bit from some tact marines.

“Servo Skulls”

My servo skulls are Necromunda ripper jacks.  The idea is that Volta psychically dominates some of the local fauna to do his scouting for him.

The retinue itself is made of Goliath models, with a few conversions.  The big guys get carapace armor (I guess if you take enough steroids bullets will bounce off?), while the juves are stuck in flak armor.  The hair is super cheap craft store neon paint, and they’re wearing matching pants (a more muted version of the color).

Grogg, the leader of the gang

Grogg gets a plasma gun.  I replaced the barrel of the gun with a plasma barrel, and strapped a melta bomb to his back.  I kind of regret not putting on the plasma coil thingie in the middle, but I was too intimidated to try to carve that much out of the middle of the gun on this one-piece metal model.

One Eye

I figured the guy with a flamer doesn’t need very good aim, so I tried green-stuffing a giant scar over his eye.  You can’t really tell from a few feet away, but I think it works okay.


Same plasma conversion here.


One of the juves started life with an autopistol, which got swapped for a laspistol.  I don’t remember which.


Updated April 2018 with improved images.