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2016 Hobby Year in Review

Now in its third year, let’s take a look at my hobby work over the past year.


I started the hobby year working through the¬†Malifaux Black Friday order and getting a few things ready for Adepticon. Then the queue got real. In 2015 I felt I had been a little too stingy at Adepticon. Let’s just say I didn’t have that problem this year.

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Arena Rex: Stheno

Having bought all the then-available Zephyri models, I figured I’d pick up an Arena Rex Gorgon. I decided this late in the Adepticon weekend, and Stheno was the only one left. Why not let fate decide?


Stheno reminded me why I don’t really like resin. On a hot day, she got droopy. Very droopy.

Droopy Stheno
Droopy Stheno

A hairdryer softed up the leg again, but it kept getting droopy. The model is just too damn top heavy. In retrospect, I should have pinned a rod through the calf to give it some more structure. I tried to do it through the base, but couldn’t aim it well enough.

I’ll cut some custom foam so the model doesn’t have to support itself, but it’s still a bummer. At least it’s pretty.

I really love these models, and the game feels good, but I don’t know too many other people with any models. If they come to Adepticon next year, I’ll probably pick up another faction. I’ll just have to be sure to pull the trigger early in the weekend, before they start selling out!