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Chibi Pony Knight and Red Riding Hood

I’ve been buying chibis at Adepticon for the kids and I to paint. While I intend to paint them at the same time as the kids, I tend to get busy finding paints and giving them tips. So here are the last two years‘ worth.

Chibi Pony Knight

I used this knight as an excuse to try colorshift paint from Turbo Dork. It’s a little less subtle in life than in the photos. I haven’t quite decided whether I like that it’s subtle, or wish that it had a more obvious effect. In any case, an interesting product.

Chibi Red Riding Hodd

Red Riding Hood is a more typical model. I’m still surprised at how easy it is to make the eyes expressive.

Chibis (group shot)

For next year the kids have requested more realistic models. I may still get a chibi or two for myself.

Next Gen 2019

As I’ve done before, I picked out some chibi models for the kids at Adepticon this spring. Eventually we got around to painting them.

Max’s cowboy

Max doesn’t really know who Indiana Jones is, so this is his cowboy. He was very insistent on putting a leave on the cowboy’s hat.

Ruth’s skeleton

Ruth selected the skeleton. She’s getting more particular about being “realistic”, so I had her do a wash and drybrush on the bones. She liked making the legs a bit muddy.

I bought a third chibi so I could paint whatever the kids didn’t select. But I haven’t gotten around to it. Actually, I still have my pony from last year. Oops.

Impact miniatures: Treemen

I picked up these treemen from the Impact Miniatures booth at Adepticon. Most of the chibis I’ve shown on the site are from this booth. I selected these models as monsters for Relicblade, though they’d be at home in just about any fantasy setting.

Treeman (brown)

Relicblade has an illustrative style, a few steps down the path towards comic books. It’s one of the aspects that really draw me to the game. I thought these models had a similar approach.

Treeman (gray)

Assembling them was a pain. They came in a soft resin which didn’t take to being sanded. The torso came as four separate pieces (front, back, sides) that didn’t fit together particularly well. It was quite a challenge to get them to stick together, in shape, without major gaps. I failed at the last, a few blobs of green stuff saved the day.

I’d love for Relicblade to have more official monster models, but in the meantime these guys fill in nicely.