Chibi Pony Knight and Red Riding Hood

I’ve been buying chibis at Adepticon for the kids and I to paint. While I intend to paint them at the same time as the kids, I tend to get busy finding paints and giving them tips. So here are the last two years‘ worth.

Chibi Pony Knight

I used this knight as an excuse to try colorshift paint from Turbo Dork. It’s a little less subtle in life than in the photos. I haven’t quite decided whether I like that it’s subtle, or wish that it had a more obvious effect. In any case, an interesting product.

Chibi Red Riding Hodd

Red Riding Hood is a more typical model. I’m still surprised at how easy it is to make the eyes expressive.

Chibis (group shot)

For next year the kids have requested more realistic models. I may still get a chibi or two for myself.

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