Arcanists: Mecharachnids

These mechanical spiders continue my fleshing out of Arcanists Versatile models.

Mecharachnid (blue)

I followed pretty much the same pattern as with the Soulstone Miners. Wave Length blue and silver, with some brass for highlights. It’s simple, but it’s clean.

Mecharachnid (silver)

I had a heck of a time figuring out which leg went where. On the blue one, I think I got it right. Not so much for poor silver here. I even had to use a rock to cover up how uncoordinated the legs are.

Arcanists: Soulstone Miners

I may be late to the party, but I’ve finally added Soulstone Miners to my collection.

Soulstone Miner (blue)

I used this as an excuse to play with my other TurboDork colorshift paint, Wave Length. It’s a really nice blue/black metallic. I quite like it.

Soulstone Miner (siler)

These are pretty simple models, so I also broke out the weathering pigments to add some depth where the miner breaks through the ground.

Arcanists: Union Steamfitters

Completing my M&SU keyword, these steamfitters are some of my favorite minions to paint in some time. Each is distinct and has a ton of great detail, but still fit together as a whole.

Union Steamfitter (cyberleg)

The steamfitters have a rough life. Most seem to have at least one replacement limb.

Union Steamfitter (toolbox)

Each of the set got a different dominant color, as I typically do for repeated models that aren’t supposed to be in uniform.

Union Steamfitter (welding)

To bring them together, some common colors for common items. In this case, GW Wyldwood for the pads, straps, and other leather items.

Union Steamfitters (group)