Arcanists: Troubleshooters (Fitzsimmons, The Captain, Gunsmiths)

The Troubleshooters box gives a nice mix of flavorful henchmen and essential minions.

The Captain

Why would a guy with a sweet uniform walk around with a giant hammer? Why to demonstrate the importance of safety glasses while working, of course!

Gunsmith (pistols)

The Gunsmiths are chock full of of firearms and flowing cloaks.

Gunsmith (rifle)

As I often do, I reversed the colors between the two. Though the green boots are perhaps a bit goofy.


I struggled with what to put on Fitzsimmon’s sign. I needed something short for this angry protestor. In the end, it became clear — of course the M&SU would protest Ramos’ imprisonment.

Troubleshooters (The Captain, Fitzsimmons, and Gunsmiths)

Arcanists: Ironsides Crew Box

I’ve been mostly focusing on Resurrectionists since third edition dropped. But it’s time to take a diversion back to the Arcanists. Like the Ressers, I initially did Arcanists for the limited edition crews. It’s time to branch out.


The crew box contents got reshuffled between M2E and M3E, though no new sculpts.

Amina Naidu

For whatever reason I decided to use the GW Contrast green I have on Amina. That sure is a lot brighter than what I usually use.


Mouse is one of the stranger Malifaux models I’ve done. He’s this weird dwarf guy, carrying a small keg for some reason.

The miners are the newly core minion for Ironsides.

Ironsides Core Box

Max: Rippa’s Snarlfangs

Just like Ruth’s treefolk, I picked these up for Max in lieu of an Adepticon model.


Max had fun helping with assembly. The Underworlds kits are press-fit, but I still glued them.


Max also carefully studied the box art to determine what colors to paint everything. He still needs some work on getting full coverage, but is improving.


We haven’t played a formal game with them yet, but Max has definitely lined them up against other models and done battle. He likes hooking the spear between the arms of other, lesser, creatures.

Max’s Rippa’s Snarlfangs

Ruth: Ylthari’s Guardians

For the last few years, I’ve picked up models at Adepticon for the the kids to paint. This year, with no Adepticon, I had to do something else. Ruth had mentioned liking these treefolk while at the shop with me, so I picked up the box for her.


This was also the excuse I used to buy GW Contrast paints, though I’ve certainly used them for myself.


Ruth carefully studied the box art when deciding how to paint her tree friends.

Gallanghann of the Glade

We’ve also played a game of Underworlds with it. Ruth declares that her favorite warband is still the Sepulchral Guard, though. She likes the ability to bring her guys back after they get killed.

Ruth’s Ylthari’s Guardians