Arcanists: Troubleshooters (Fitzsimmons, The Captain, Gunsmiths)

The Troubleshooters box gives a nice mix of flavorful henchmen and essential minions.

The Captain

Why would a guy with a sweet uniform walk around with a giant hammer? Why to demonstrate the importance of safety glasses while working, of course!

Gunsmith (pistols)

The Gunsmiths are chock full of of firearms and flowing cloaks.

Gunsmith (rifle)

As I often do, I reversed the colors between the two. Though the green boots are perhaps a bit goofy.


I struggled with what to put on Fitzsimmon’s sign. I needed something short for this angry protestor. In the end, it became clear — of course the M&SU would protest Ramos’ imprisonment.

Troubleshooters (The Captain, Fitzsimmons, and Gunsmiths)

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