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Shatterpoint: Core Set Terrain

No miniatures game is complete without terrain. Shatterpoint has its particular flavor, with lots of gantries between buildings.

The gantries are quite nice, as they have a few subtle pegs that help keep them together.

I dirtied them up with oil washes, which make for nice streaks. To add some extra spice, I added graffiti decals and propaganda posters from a variety of scifi franchises. The posters are just printed out on regular paper, glued on, and then smudged with foam swabs with oil paints leftover from the cleaning up the oil wash.

My hope is that these can work for Shatterpoint, but wouldn’t be out of place in any other scifi or even near-modern game.

Shatterpoint: Take Cover rocks

Every game needs terrain. Shatterpoint has some specific ideas about it, and comes with a good amount in the box, but there are also a couple of separate terrain kits. These rocks are from the Take Cover kit.

Rocks (big)

It includes a pair of large rocks, and a pair of much smaller rocks. They are identical, as the sprue is repeated.

Rocks (small)

I tried to paint them in a fairly neutral way, so it could belong on a lot of different types of boards; a forest, a desert, a city, etc.

Shatterpoint: Hello There (General Obi-Wan Kenobi squad)

Hello There may have been the first 2023 Galactic Republic squad box, but it’s the one I’ve gotten to. I started playing Shatterpoint a little after its release, and there was something a little newer and shinier. But now’s the time to backfill.

General Obi-Wan Kenobi

Shatterpoint tabards have been giving me trouble, but I think I finally got one right.

My clone troopers have gotten increasing gray in color. At least these have some nice orange to balance it out a bit.

Clone Commander Cody

Cody’s on the case. Unlike Aurra Sing, I managed to avoid snipping off his antenna.

Hello There (General Obi-Wan Kenobi squad)