Malifaux: Mysterious Effigy

I ignored the Effigies for a long time. With the Arcanists, I started playing with the Arcane Effigy. His condition removal is really good, but a cheap resilient fast model is always useful. So I’m finally giving these little puppets a look.

Mysterious Effigy
Mysterious Effigy

Model wise, it’s pretty basic. The masks seem to match those on the Insidious Madnesses,  but I didn’t want to do white here. Instead, I wanted to tie it closer to the faction, which means mostly purples.

Malifaux: Ice Dancers

Well, I’ve got Mr Cooper and his Showgirls. I’ve got Rasputina an her Frozen Heart. I guess I should get the models that have both.

Ice Dancer (green)

I’m still not totally sure how I feel about the icy slopes the models come on. But I am pretty happy with the blue effect on them. It ties nicely into the magic blue snow of the Snow Gamin and Rasputina’s magic swirl.

Ice Dancer (blue)

The ribbons and capes give a nice hint of movement, but I’m fairy certain the ribbons are not going to last long before they break.