Malifaux: Mr Cooper and Baritone Lola

When Wyrd’s Easter sale announcement made the Nightmare Coryphee available again, plus a new alt Joss, from the Guilder store I decided I had to dust off my Dark Carnival box and bring it to the table. It took some time, but now I’m finally getting them off the workbench.

Dark Carnival is the Nightmare box Wyrd released at Gencon 2015, and has been available a few times since. It is an alternate for the Colette Smoke and Mirrors box, with an evil circus theme. Each model gets a alternate sculpt from the standard box.

Mr Cooper
Mr Cooper


Mr Cooper (alt Colette) sets the color tone. Deep violet red and green. In retrospect, I wish I had used the darker green for the scarf, to give it more contrast with the scarf.

Baritone Lola

Baritone Lola (alt Cassandra) continues the colors, although switching the focus to the greens. I’m quite pleased with the face makeup on this model. It’s simple but effective, and helps to sell the model as a clown.

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