Malifaux: Flying Monkeys

Next up for the Dark Carnival is Mr Cooper’s totems, Flying Monkeys (alt Mechanical Doves).

Flying Monkey (blue)

Purple or green monkeys would have been silly. Instead, I used those colors for the hat and shorts, and pulled out the gray from Mr Cooper’s hair as the main color for the Flying Monkeys. I always wish I could achieve more texture for animal models, but either fail or wimp out. This time it was wimping out.

Flying Monkey (white)

Since the monkeys reappear on the Coryphee, I really wanted to use these models to validate the color scheme. I’m happy with the results.

Flying Monkey (white)

The three sculpts, while not identical, aren’t exactly distinctive on the tabletop. So I colored the wings to make them easy to identify in game.

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