Underworlds: Sepulchral Guard

When I decided to give Underworlds a try, I went around to get what discontinued Shadespire warbands I could find without markup. Many of the first season warbands are highly usable as general fantasy models. Case in point, the skeletal Sepuchral Guard.

The Sepulchral Warden

I went a little further weathering armor, using Secret Weapon’s verdigris and rust paints. The green on the armor contrasts nicely with the red cloak.

The Champion

The bones is GW Contrast Skeleton Horde over a zenithal white primer, with some extra highlights.

The Harvester

I experimented using a Vallejo Buff under the Skeleton Horde on the Harvester. It’s far too yellow for my taste, but not enough to paint over it.

The Prince of Dust

In game, these guys thing seems to be getting re-summoned. In fact, that’s how they Inspire. They don’t have as much mobility as the Nightvault high model count undead, the Nighthaunts.

Sepulchral Guard

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