Impact miniatures: Treemen

I picked up these treemen from the Impact Miniatures booth at Adepticon. Most of the chibis I’ve shown on the site are from this booth. I selected these models as monsters for Relicblade, though they’d be at home in just about any fantasy setting.

Treeman (brown)

Relicblade has an illustrative style, a few steps down the path towards comic books. It’s one of the aspects that really draw me to the game. I thought these models had a similar approach.

Treeman (gray)

Assembling them was a pain. They came in a soft resin which didn’t take to being sanded. The torso came as four separate pieces (front, back, sides) that didn’t fit together particularly well. It was quite a challenge to get them to stick together, in shape, without major gaps. I failed at the last, a few blobs of green stuff saved the day.

I’d love for Relicblade to have more official monster models, but in the meantime these guys fill in nicely.

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