Relicblade: Bone and Darkness

I said I was itching to do more of a skeleton horde. This isn’t exactly a horde, but it’s a start.

Bone Construct

First in line is the Bone Construct. This guy is huge, possibly the largest Relicblade model released. I love the combined skeletons to make a bigger monster. Unfortunately, the rules make it hard to justify bringing him. As a construct, his AP is his health. And you need to charge him up with healing. I just don’t see it being worthwhile.

The Bone Stalkers, on the other hand, are amazing fast little fiends. Move 5″ with a 10″ leap. I decided to paint their decayed shirts in simple bright colors, to make them easy to distinguish on the table (“I’m activating the blue stalker”).

Dark Watcher

I often find I paint my models dark and even drab. The Dark Watcher is an attempt to paint a brighter and bolder. I’m not sure I’m totally happy, but at least it makes a nice contrast with Vandas Greycloak.

Bone and Darkness

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