Arena Rex: Morituri Starter (Zahra, Mago, and Ur-Kek)

I don’t play nearly enough Arena Rex, but at least I get to paint it. Here I’m starting up yet another faction, the Morituri.


There are quite a few of these nets in Arena Rex. I usually don’t like how they turn out, but this one is pretty good. Probably because it’s a fine enough mesh that the dark recesses works well with a simple wash.


Mago is just so cuddly. As long as he doesn’t swing that giant blade at you.


Zahra also rides a giant scorpion, but not in the faction starter. Fortunately, her spear and whip come in both metal and resin. I chose metal, so I could keep it straight, and it would bend instead of snap.

Morituri Starter (Mago, Zahra, and Ur-Kek)

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