Blitz Bowl: Goblins

The Underworlds Creepers are nearly the perfect Blitz Bowl box. It’s got two different six-model teams, the skaven and goblins. There’s just one problem: the goblin Blitz Bowl team is special and has eight models. I considered filling in the numbers with third party models, or even some of the Forgeworld options. In the end, I kept things simple and bought the four-man goblin expansion GW prime sells. That leaves with two spares.

To make the team fit in with the skaven, while still being distinct when played as separate teams, I cycled the colors. The skaven had green cloth and purple armor. Goblins have green flesh, purple cloth, and mostly black/metal armor.

The goblin balls are perhaps the best of the bunch. I especially like the squiq in a ball costume.

Goblin balls

The coin and marker got my standard treatment. No-frills, but still clearly team-associated.

Goblin team

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