Fallout: X-01 Power Armor and Dogmeat

This two-pack completes my Survivors collection, at least until the wave 3 models filter in.

X-01 Power Armor

I really dig the look of the X-01 power armor. The helmet is probably the coolest of the Fallout power armors.

Armored Dogmeat

And what heavily armored survivor would be complete without a heavily armored puppy as a friend?

X-01 Power Armor and Armored Dogmeat

3 thoughts on “Fallout: X-01 Power Armor and Dogmeat”

    1. It’s been a long time, but my basic process would have been to block in the main colors (mostly a dark silver, but some others for cabling and such). Then a brown wash on everything (probably Secret Weapon Armor) and rust colors (brown/red/orange) applied with a spare chunk of foam. All my Fallout models get a final light drybrush of a light brown to give it a dusty look.

      1. didnt actaully expect a reply lol, thanks allot for the reply its gonna help me out on my own x-01!!!

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