Blackstone Fortress: Beastmen

The Beastmen are the last of the Blackstone Fortress core box models to be featured. This one has four models, with a couple of different components to mix and match.

Beastman (red, chainsword)

That allows for all four to be distinct.

Beastman (blue, sword)

Like the Traitor Guard, I did these with distinct color groups. In practice, it hasn’t been a problem to tell the different between hostile groups, but it’s still useful.

Beastman (blue, chainsword)

In game, the beastmen occupy a strange space. They’re in small numbers, and not much harder to kill than the guard. They don’t hit repeatedly like the ur-ghuls, and don’t ignore defense like the negavolts. I don’t end up fearing them.

Beastman (red, sword)
Beastmen (group)

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