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DZC: Katanas

Everybody talks about how awesome the Katanas are for UCM.  I figured I ought to jump in.  Naturally, I waited until they were same price as the Sabres.

UCM Katana
UCM Katana

Model wise, there’s not much to say.  I’m still happy with my standard UCM scheme.

Combined with an Eagle and some Falcons, I can do some pretty nasty building demo.  I played against a list with a six Katana squad at Adepticon.  It was even nastier, although one well-placed Orbital Strike Kodiak managed to kill them all.  Mutual cover doesn’t hide you from space!

DZC: Luciana Cato in her Ferrum

It’s been a while since I’ve painted any Dropzone Commander.  I’ve heard good things about the Ferrum.  Well, good things from UCM players.  Others seem kind of grumpy sometimes.  There was talk of a Famous Commander game day at Endgame, so I figured I’d get the Luciana Cato version of the Ferrum, which could be played either way.

This model is so long that it’s awkward to frame in the Spinomatic.

Luciana Cato in her Ferrum
Luciana Cato in her Ferrum

When I opened the package, it was missing the track bits!  I contacted support, and Hawk sent out replacements in a reasonable amount of time.  I briefly considered temping in some Sabre chassis, but the turret hole doesn’t match, so I decided to just wait.

Starsprite Drones
Starsprite Drones

The drones thin little single-piece resin models.  I took the easy way out for the cockpit blister.  Just drybrushing.  It doesn’t look as good as a smooth highlight, but it was fast and looks nice enough.

2015 Hobby Year in Review

Once again, I’m obligated to produce a year-end retrospective.


I started the year strong, and burned through outstanding projects once, but then bought back up, of course.  It’s been managed pretty well, although I just spiked due to Wyrd’s Black Friday sale.  40k went on the back burner this year, with only a few models painted and a handful of games played.  Malifaux (including adding Gremlins as a new faction) and Dropzone Commander (new to me this year) has been taking my attention.

I built and started regularly using the Spin-o-matic this year, which produces neat 360º views of my models.  I just almost completely replaced the setup with one which should be easier to use in a consistent way.  Maybe someday I’ll post about it.

I also upgraded my photography setup in the middle of the year, with a new lens and lighting set.  It’s improved the look enough that I’m tempted to reshoot old stuff when I got back to look at it.  I doubt I’ll ever find the time.

hobby-burndown 2015

  • 144 individual models completed (+9.9% YoY)
  • 62 Malifaux models (47 on 30mm bases, 7 40mm, and 8 50mm)
  • 56 Dropzone models
  • 27 terrain and misc models (including 2 with my daughter)
  • 1 40k model (plus a few extra weapons)
  • Exclusively used painted models in every game, even when starting a new faction and a whole new game.


Malifaux header

I started playing Malifaux the middle of last year, and it has become my main game this year.  I did Tale of Malifaux Bloggers with Zoraida in the spring.  After Adepticon I realized I needed a second faction to keep things fresh, so I moved Zoraida over towards Gremlins.  Now I swap between the two every couple of months.

Dropzone Commander


I got a free starter box at Adepticon and managed to squeeze a demo in between other events.  After I got home, I decided to give it a go, and built up a UCM army.  It’s behind Malifaux in favorite-ness, but the mobility and scale is very interesting.


I decided late this year to build a board for home use, to allow gaming when I couldn’t get away from the house.  It hasn’t seen a whole ton of use, but I’m glad I have it.  I’ll probably slowly build up the terrain collection, and hopefully get people over more often.


No list would be complete without an ‘other’ section.  This includes the only Reaper model I’ve painted this year, and a few projects I’ve done with my daughter and wife.  It also, surprisingly enough, includes the few 40k models I’ve done in the last year.  40k hasn’t been grabbing my interest so much these days, although I’m sure I’ll be back.

Looking to 2016

I expect Malifaux will continue to occupy most of my gaming attention, with Dropzone sprinkled in for flavor.  I’m not finding myself super pulled towards another Malifaux faction, but Resistance in DZC has been tempting me.  I’ve also just picked up a Team Yankee US starter, although I haven’t played any games or decided how much energy it’ll get.

I’m signed up for Adepticon for a second year.  Malifaux, Dropzone, Space Hulk, and seminars are scheduled.  I’m hoping to have time to explore other games and products.

We’ll see how much Team Yankee grabs me.  I dig the WWIII semi-modern setting, and 15mm scale tanks are cool.  I don’t know how many games I’ll actually get in, since there don’t seem to be a ton of players around, but I’m looking forward to trying to airbrush camo.