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Malifaux: Easter 2021 (Eggapult and Daredeviled Egg)

This year’s Wyrd Easter models are actually delayed from 2020. But better late than never!


The Eggapult is an alt Pigapult. How is it an Eggapult when the rabbit is in the slingshot? Don’t ask so many questions.

Like many of the alts in recent years, these models metal. The posts of the slingshot are separate pieces from the base, and it was a pain to get everything lined up. A little green stuff in the joint on the base went a long way.

Daredeviled Egg

The set also came with this single alt Stuffed Piglet. It’s rare that you’d just take one, but I dig the theme regardless.

Malifaux Eastern 2021 models

Malifaux: Bayou Engineering (Sparks, Mechanized Porkchop, and Survivors)

The Bayou Engineering box is somewhat oddly in keyword with Mei Feng, so naturally I needed it to go with my Malifaux 1988 set.

Mechanized Porkchop

A healthy smattering of orange will help to unify the color scheme.


The models already have a pretty good cyberpunk quality. To enhance it, and help tie together some planned proxies, I used bits from the Necromunda Arms Masters and Wreckers box.

Survivor (claw)
Survivor (gatling arm)
Survivor (peg leg)

Hmm, between this and the Soulstone Miners I have a healthy chunk of the Tricksy keyword. Oh, Wyrd, you clever fools..

Bayou Engineering