Malifaux: Bayou Engineering (Sparks, Mechanized Porkchop, and Survivors)

The Bayou Engineering box is somewhat oddly in keyword with Mei Feng, so naturally I needed it to go with my Malifaux 1988 set.

Mechanized Porkchop

A healthy smattering of orange will help to unify the color scheme.


The models already have a pretty good cyberpunk quality. To enhance it, and help tie together some planned proxies, I used bits from the Necromunda Arms Masters and Wreckers box.

Survivor (claw)
Survivor (gatling arm)
Survivor (peg leg)

Hmm, between this and the Soulstone Miners I have a healthy chunk of the Tricksy keyword. Oh, Wyrd, you clever fools..

Bayou Engineering

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