Malifaux: Metal Gamin and Neil Henry Proxies

Between the cyberpunk themed Malifaux 1988 set and the alt Metal Golem coming standalone, I needed to do something for the Metal Gamin. I decided some kind of cyber dogs would be a good fit and found these Necromunda models.

Proxy Metal Gamin (red, Cyber-mastiff)

The box only comes with two cyber puppies, but that ought to be enough.

Proxy Metal Gamin (red, Cyber-mastiff)

I guess they wouldn’t be tournament legal, but I barely ever play in such events.

Proxy Neil Henry (Orlock Arms Master)

I also needed to do something about Neil Henry. The M3E box is packed with Willie, which I already have the alt for. This dude with a giant hammer was in the box with the puppies, so he’ll do, at least for now. I wasn’t finding a way to make him more Malifaux-y, so I used some of the other bits in the package on Bayou Engineering so he doesn’t stand out quite so much.

Proxy Metal Gamin and Neil Henry

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