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Relicblade: Bone and Darkness

I said I was itching to do more of a skeleton horde. This isn’t exactly a horde, but it’s a start.

Bone Construct

First in line is the Bone Construct. This guy is huge, possibly the largest Relicblade model released. I love the combined skeletons to make a bigger monster. Unfortunately, the rules make it hard to justify bringing him. As a construct, his AP is his health. And you need to charge him up with healing. I just don’t see it being worthwhile.

The Bone Stalkers, on the other hand, are amazing fast little fiends. Move 5″ with a 10″ leap. I decided to paint their decayed shirts in simple bright colors, to make them easy to distinguish on the table (“I’m activating the blue stalker”).

Dark Watcher

I often find I paint my models dark and even drab. The Dark Watcher is an attempt to paint a brighter and bolder. I’m not sure I’m totally happy, but at least it makes a nice contrast with Vandas Greycloak.

Bone and Darkness

Relicblade: Vandas Greycloak

Vandas Greycloak is the last model from the latest Relicblade Kickstarter, and is the exclusive model from this release.

Vandas Greycloak

As my second undead Relicblade model, I decided he should match the Bone Fury, with the red cloak and blue belt.

In game, Vandas Greycloak acts as an alternate sculpt for the Dark Wanderer. Since he’s a limited release, that makes a ton of sense. People who scored the limited model should just get cool points when putting it on the table, not in-game benefits.

Relicblade: Berserker Pig, Pig Warlord and Verminmouth

The Berserker Pig is the first of the individual Adversary models from the latest Relicblade Kickstarter. As a character he’s existed for a long time, but this is his first time getting a model. While I was painting one pig, I figured I’d do a few others.

Berserker Pig

Like Cato, I felt like doing more blue. So the Berserker got blue accents. I’ve tried doing distinct accent colors for the pigs to help tell them apart on the tabletop, although these newer models also have more distinctive poses than the original set.

Pig Warlord

Branching out from accent colors, the Warlord gets gray skin. He’s fills out a 30mm base, unlike the 25mm common to most Relicblade models. I guess you don’t get to be Warlord by being small.


Verminmouth is the last of the pig sculpts. I really like how there are rats everywhere, including forming a loincloth.

Rat Swarm

In case there weren’t enough rats on Verminmouth, you can always summon the Rat Swarm. Dotting all the eyes was a pain, but worth it.