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Relicblade: Wretched Hive

The Wretched Hive is the last of the faction packs to be added to my collection.

Iguan Poacher

I decided my lizards would be reds, but each one would have a different red.

Iguan Slaver

The clothes and other accents would be blues and greens. I tried to get a mix of saturation levels for the different elements on each model.

Iguan Witch

Purple is kind of like an extended red. right? I figured the witch could stand out from the more physical warriors in the set.

Mangrove Basilisk

But when it came time for the basilisk, all bets were off.

Wretched Hive

Relicblade: The Deep (Shark Warrior and Eel Sorcerer)

The Deep is a mini-faction for Relicblade, made up of two models and an eight-card pack, each sold separately. Uncommonly for Relicblade they come on 30mm bases.

Eel Sorcerer

The Eel Sorcerer has a snake and a lamp, so you know he’s serious. Unlike most other Wizard characters he only has 4 AD, but he has a useful dagger and ranged spell attack, so doesn’t necessarily need a bunch of 2-AD upgrade spells.

Shark Warrior

The Shark Warrior, on the other hand, just has blades. Nasty nasty blades. As a Knight, he gets access to cool upgrades like Sword Master and Writ of Justice.

The Deep

Relicblade: Ogre Retiarius

The Ogre Retiarius is one of the few solo Adversary models left to join my Relicblade collection, and the only one that doesn’t fit as an expansion to one of the faction packs.

Ogre Retiarius

This guy comes with two heads, one helmeted and one bare. The bare head shows a warrior who’s taken some hits, including a massive dent in his skull. Maybe he should have worn his helmet during more of his battles.

Relicblade: Bone and Darkness

I said I was itching to do more of a skeleton horde. This isn’t exactly a horde, but it’s a start.

Bone Construct

First in line is the Bone Construct. This guy is huge, possibly the largest Relicblade model released. I love the combined skeletons to make a bigger monster. Unfortunately, the rules make it hard to justify bringing him. As a construct, his AP is his health. And you need to charge him up with healing. I just don’t see it being worthwhile.

The Bone Stalkers, on the other hand, are amazing fast little fiends. Move 5″ with a 10″ leap. I decided to paint their decayed shirts in simple bright colors, to make them easy to distinguish on the table (“I’m activating the blue stalker”).

Dark Watcher

I often find I paint my models dark and even drab. The Dark Watcher is an attempt to paint a brighter and bolder. I’m not sure I’m totally happy, but at least it makes a nice contrast with Vandas Greycloak.

Bone and Darkness