Broken Egg: Flat Puddles

I bought these pieces from the Broken Egg booth at Adepticon. They’re resin and 3D, but quite flat. It gives a lot more depth than the neoprene terrain Broken Egg also sells, but is highly playable.

Kidney flat puddle

It doesn’t really show in the photos, but I coated the water in gloss Mod Podge then blew on the surface with an airbrush. It gives it a slightly rippled texture that helps to sell it as water.

Round flat puddle

Water Well

I picked up this small terrain piece from a vendor at KublaCon. The package identifies it as being from, though I can’t find it on their site.

Water Well

This is my first time painting a piece which had directly been 3D printed. For the price I’m happy, although the layers are quite visible. It came with a bucket, but it was so stringy as to be unusable.

Wreck Age: Caravaneers

The Flockmaster went out of stock at the Adepticon booth, so the kind folks at Hyacinth Games shipped it out free later. And they threw in this pack of two models, which I’ve decided are Caravaneers. They’ll make a nice wandering stranger and his pack boar friend.

Caravaneer (pack boar)

The boar has a nice collection of random gear. I’m a sucker for pack animals, so he’ll fit right in,


Along with him is this sad looking man, a rifle slung along his back. He’s been walking for far too long, with only his boar to keep him company.

Caravaneers (group)

Wreck Age: Arhk with Anti-Material Rifle

Way back in 2018, a buddy and I scored some promo Wreck Age models. I already painted mine. Since I was painting up the Stakers, Drifters, and Church of Fun, I traded for his.

Arhk Trooper with Anti-Material Rifle

I tried to match the Arhk trooper I bought a while ago, but this one turned out much more orange. My drugged out carnies might be uniform, but my organized security force isn’t. Ah well.