Bolt Action: Winter US HQ

As the Team Yankee campaign was winding down, I started looking around for what would come next. Mike, who ran the Team Yankee campaign, was going to be starting a Bolt Action Battle of the Bulge campaign. I had never played but long been interested in Bolt Action, so I got a demo and jumped in head first, with a little over a month to get the army ready.

I had kind of wanted to do Germans, since I almost always end up playing some form of “generic good guy” Americans. I signed up too late, however, and the campaign was short on Americans. Such is life.

I saw someone mentioning putting NCOs on 30mm bases instead of the standard 25mm to help them stand out. I quite liked that idea, and went with it throughout the army. That includes things like the officer.

I adopted a fairly quick-and-dirty paint approach to get it done. Most of the paints are from the Vallejo US Infantry┬áset, with some yellow mixed in to highlight and Secret Weapon armor wash across the whole thing. It’s been a while since I’ve done a game with this kind of model count. I had forgotten how much faster it is to batch paint uniforms than to do a bunch of unique models.

Forward Observer
Forward Observer

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