Fallout: Super Mutant Skirmishers

The Intitute wave brought with it boosters for the original three factions. The Skirmishers are the minions for the Super Mutants, bringing a slightly tougher and melee focused model.

Super Mutant Skirmisher (super sledge)

I’m still not super happy with my super mutant skin, but the rusty cobbled-together armor is always fun.

Super Mutant Skirmisher (wrench)

For variety, I used GW Plaguebearer contrast paint on this model’s skin. It’s a very yellow green. It works as a splash model, but I’m glad I’m not doing a full mutie force in it.

Super Mutant Skirmisher (tire iron)

Fallout: Behemoth

The Behemoth is a supersized super mutant. He’s big enough to use a fire hydrant as a club and use a grocery cart as a backpack.


Unlike all the rest of the Fallout line, the Behemoth didn’t come with pegs on the feet and matching holes in the included scenic base. You better believe I pinned this monster.

Behemoth (Detail)

As he should, this guy really towered above even the already large regular super mutants. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to paint the other Fallout giants.

Behemoth scale comparison

Fallout: Unusual Allies

Unusual Allies is the Survivors character box as part of the Institute wave.

Nick Valentine

In the video game, Nick Valentine’s face is clearly a synth, but a mostly destroyed convincing human face. Think of the end of a Terminator movie. I got the hands and back of the head okay, but the face doesn’t give much of a hint.


Hancock is a ghoul, the first non-feral ghoul sculpt to be released. Plus he has a rad hat.


Strong suffered from the bendy hammer syndrome I’ve run into before. I decided it wasn’t bad enough to try to replace.

Unusual Allies (group)