Don’t Look Back: Core Characters

Don’t Look Back first caught my eye when I was checking out Black Site Studio’s Relicblade terrain. When I saw it up for preorder at the FLGS I decided to give it a go.


DLB is a solo/coop game with a horror movie theme. The scenarios in the core box involve escaping, finding your lost friend, or just surviving.


The core box comes with 6 heroes, which is a decent selection. The models are resin and a small part count, which makes assembly fast.


I’ve played a few games now. It seems to work best when you deliberately let bad things happen. For example, if you aren’t careful when setting things up, you can largely avoid terrain (and the resulting Jump Scare rolls).


We’ve had a hard time following all the rules, especially for light. I’m not sure if that’s a rulebook problem or just that it’s still a new game.

Ranger Sandy

My number one complaint for this box is that it badly needs an item deck. The rules call for rolling on a table, which is fine. But tracking inventory on a scrap of paper is for suckers. There is an “upgrade” that adds cards, but it really should just be in the box.


I originally bought this as a solo game, but it’s made it into the rotation for game night. Now I just need more trees.

Core characters

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