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Malifaux: Metal Gamin and Neil Henry Proxies

Between the cyberpunk themed Malifaux 1988 set and the alt Metal Golem coming standalone, I needed to do something for the Metal Gamin. I decided some kind of cyber dogs would be a good fit and found these Necromunda models.

Proxy Metal Gamin (red, Cyber-mastiff)

The box only comes with two cyber puppies, but that ought to be enough.

Proxy Metal Gamin (red, Cyber-mastiff)

I guess they wouldn’t be tournament legal, but I barely ever play in such events.

Proxy Neil Henry (Orlock Arms Master)

I also needed to do something about Neil Henry. The M3E box is packed with Willie, which I already have the alt for. This dude with a giant hammer was in the box with the puppies, so he’ll do, at least for now. I wasn’t finding a way to make him more Malifaux-y, so I used some of the other bits in the package on Bayou Engineering so he doesn’t stand out quite so much.

Proxy Metal Gamin and Neil Henry

Malifaux: Fat Cap (Nightmare Metal Golem)

In most recent years, Wyrd has released a nightmare crew at Gencon, then an extra model in the same theme in Black Friday. This year, that’s Mad Cap, an alternate Metal Golem in the Malifaux 1988 theme.

This model was in softer plastic than most Malifaux, and sold pre-assembled. I believe it’s the same material as The Other Side. It’s not my favorite material, though it’s nicer than some PVC models.

Malifaux: Malifaux 1988 (Nightmare Mei Feng Crew)

Last year’s Nightmare crew was was anachronistic for Malifaux, a cyberpunk twist on Mei Feng

Gumdrop (Nightmare Mei Feng)

In this world, Mei rides the rails on roller blades, evidently. I wanted this crew to be brighter colored than most of my Malifaux, and selected orange as a color to tie them all together.

Mean Streak (Nightmare Kang)

The orange on Mean Streak is relegated to just a few accents.

Spritz (Nightmare Forgeling)

What fish wouldn’t want a robot body?

The Rail Workers each get a unique look. I especially like kangaroo-legged Tagline.

Malifaux 1988

Malifaux: December Acolytes

With M3E came some new sculpts and rearranging of existing crew boxes. December Acolytes got a resculpt and promoted to the main Rasputina box. Since I already had the Nightmare Rasputina set, and preferred the old sculpts, I went out and found a set of the old December Acolytes.

December Acolyte (reaching)

They seem generally useful, especially as an anti-armor counter pick.

December Acolyte (wrist crossbow)

For color scheme I went with the same burgundy red cloaks and Rasputina, and then filled it in from there.

December Acolyte (weapon up)
December Acolytes (group)