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Malifaux: Marcus and Jackalope

I bought the Marcus box around when the Winter Wonderland alt Rasputina box was release, and quickly painted Myranda and the Cerberus. One of the last things I assembled and prepped for paint before the M3E annoucement was the rest of the box. But then I was less interested in new Malifaux models.


Well, now M3E’s been out for a year, so I gotta keep working on that backlog. Marcus got a new box with new sculpts, but that doesn’t invalidate his old one.


Plus, who doesn’t want a rabid rabbit sitting on a human head?

Neverborn: The Howling (Bultungin and Rougarou)

With the Titania core box, Silent Knight alt Killjoy, and Waldgeists from long ago, the only Fae models remaining are from the Howling box.

I decided to play up the hyena aspect, with pretty heavy spotting.

The Rougarou get gray-green fur to accent their undead nature.

The Howling (group)

Neverborn: Silent Knight (alt Killjoy)

Wyrd’s special edition model for Black Friday 2019 is the Silent Knight. In M3E, Killjoy is keyword associated with Titania, but his regular model doesn’t really fit the aesthetics. The Silent Knight is an alt Killjoy that fits much better.

Silent Knight (alt Killjoy)

I tried to paint him as a combination of all the colors in the Autumn Knights. He could easily be their boss.

Neverborn: Titania Crew Box

I bought the Titania box on a whim at Adepticon in 2019. Wyrd had a handful of new M3E crew boxes, plus some old ones with M3E cards. They also had a promo at $100 spend. So Titania got lumped in with von Schtook and here we are.


Titania came with a small clear plastic flying stand, but no clear place for it to join. So I cut a notch in her back and temporarily stuck in some brass rod as a holder for painting.


I hadn’t previously noticed that Gorar is wrapped around an egg. There’s even a piece to give the underside detail, but I missed it during assembly. To the bit box you go.


By the time I got to assembly I was missing one of Aeslin’s legs. I don’t know if it was missing when I bought it, or it broke off the sprue when I was preparing the kits. In any case, I decided it wasn’t really necessary, as it just adds to the otherworldly floating quality of the model.

Autumn Knight (fall)

I decided that despite the name of ‘Autumn Knight’, each of the three would reflect a different season. This one is fall, with oranges and browns.

Autumn Knight (Winter)

This one is my favorite, winter. There are no leaves, just a bare trunk.

Autumn Knight (spring)

Finally, spring, with new growth coming through.

Titania crew box