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Malifaux: Hayreddin

Hayreddin is next in line for filling out existing keywords. I pretty much ignored this guy while he was a Resurrectionist, but now that he’s come over to Team Nekima I had to have him.


The coat is very similar to Miss Deed‘s, using Secret Weapon’s rust colors. The flesh continues my haphazard use of blues/red/purples for Nephilim. I’m not too happy with how his mask and face turned out, but the coat makes up. for it.

Malifaux: Serena Bowman

It’s practically time for book 6 for Malifaux, so I guess I should get started on book 5.

Serena Bowman
Serena Bowman

I don’t think I sold the scars very well on her arms and torso. Or the skin tone in general. At least her dress looks nice.

I’ve played a few games with her. So far I’ve gotten so fixated on her healing and passing out Black Blood that I don’t get far enough forward to even try out the self-summoning.

Malifaux: Mysterious Effigy

I ignored the Effigies for a long time. With the Arcanists, I started playing with the Arcane Effigy. His condition removal is really good, but a cheap resilient fast model is always useful. So I’m finally giving these little puppets a look.

Mysterious Effigy
Mysterious Effigy

Model wise, it’s pretty basic. The masks seem to match those on the Insidious Madnesses,  but I didn’t want to do white here. Instead, I wanted to tie it closer to the faction, which means mostly purples.