Neverborn: Titania Crew Box

I bought the Titania box on a whim at Adepticon in 2019. Wyrd had a handful of new M3E crew boxes, plus some old ones with M3E cards. They also had a promo at $100 spend. So Titania got lumped in with von Schtook and here we are.


Titania came with a small clear plastic flying stand, but no clear place for it to join. So I cut a notch in her back and temporarily stuck in some brass rod as a holder for painting.


I hadn’t previously noticed that Gorar is wrapped around an egg. There’s even a piece to give the underside detail, but I missed it during assembly. To the bit box you go.


By the time I got to assembly I was missing one of Aeslin’s legs. I don’t know if it was missing when I bought it, or it broke off the sprue when I was preparing the kits. In any case, I decided it wasn’t really necessary, as it just adds to the otherworldly floating quality of the model.

Autumn Knight (fall)

I decided that despite the name of ‘Autumn Knight’, each of the three would reflect a different season. This one is fall, with oranges and browns.

Autumn Knight (Winter)

This one is my favorite, winter. There are no leaves, just a bare trunk.

Autumn Knight (spring)

Finally, spring, with new growth coming through.

Titania crew box

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