Malifaux: Albus von Schtook Crew

At Adepticon this year Wyrd had a small number prerelease third edition kits for Malifaux. Some were repackages of old kits with new cards, but a few were all new models. I couldn’t help myself, and even though I don’t (until now) play Resurrectionists I picked up the von Schtook box.

Albus von Schtook

I went with purples and green as the primary colors. I also decided that since von Schtook seems like a slash-and-stitch kind of guy, his crew should be speckled with blood of grime.

Research Assistant

His (now free to hire, in M3E) totem is the unnamed Research Assistant. He seems appropriately scrawny.

Anne Lovelace

Anna Lovelace already existed, but has been reimagined as the von Schtook henchman. The new pose is fairly static, and doesn’t really fill the 40mm base. Model-wise, she’s the weak link in this box.

The minions are Undergraduates. I like the three distinct poses, but I’m not quite sure about the widely varying weapon appearance. I wish all three had the cylinders on their backs, so there would be a common theme between them.

Albus von Schtook crew

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