Malifaux: Necropunks

I guess I’ve started Resurrectionists now, so I should probably expand the collection. The nice thing about the M3E hiring rules is that it makes it real easy to figure out what else the game thinks you should buy. Transmortis it is.

Necropunk (legs)

I continued with the green and purple vibe of the Albus crew box. These guys especially need splatter so they aren’t too clean.

Necropunk (squatting)

I dig the pose on this model, but his mechanical arms are a real pain. He doesn’t quite fit in the standard KR foam slot, and the claws are pretty thin. I think i’ve reglued one of his claws at least three times. Eventually I’ll give up.

Necropunk (stilts)

I’ve often tried to do irritated flesh. Mr Stilts here is one of the few successes.


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