Underworlds: Magore’s Fiends

For whatever reason, Magore’s Fiends seems to be the most difficult to find (for a reasonable price) of the original Shadespire warbands. Patience paid off.

Magore Redhand

I haven’t done a lot of Khorne. The red and bronze is a nice look.

Ghartok Flayskull

As with most of my Underworlds, the bulk of the models are done with GW Contrast paints, with some highlights from regular paints.

Zharkus the Bloodsighted

I went with purple for the stone on the base, instead of my usual gray. I wanted a bit more color, especially to help bring out the yellow skull river.


Riptooth had a nasty gap between his to main halves. It’s still there, but a lot better than when I started.

Magore’s Fiends

Blitz Bowl: Dwarves

The dwarves are the new half of the season 2 Blitz Bowl box (repeated humans being the disappointing other half)


The sprue in the Blitz Bowl box is a push fit variant on the existing standalone box. It still has a variant for the Trollslayer, though.

Dwarf Blitzer

I thought the Blitzer had a senior quality to him, so he gets gray hair to reflect it.

Dwarf Runner

I really focused on transitions and gradation on the armor plates for this team. I quite like the results.

As I’ve done before, the Linemen all get matching hair that’s different from the rest of the team.

I think the dwarves may be my favorite Blitz Bowl team to date, in terms of how they turned out.

Dwarf team

Blitz Bowl: Lizardmen

I let the kids each choose a Blood Bowl team to split with me, so we’d each paint up a team. Max chose Lizardmen. Here’s my side of it.

Chameleon Skink

These models are mostly painted with GW Contrast paints. It works especially well with the deep crevices of the scaly parts of the lizardmen.

The saurus blockers are big. Especially when put next to the little skinks.

The skinks get big happy eyes, like the Relicblade gilblin fishers.

Lizardman team

Blitz Bowl: Wood Elves

I let my kids each pick out a Blood Bowl team box. I would get half, and they could paint the other half, giving each of us a full Blitz Bowl team. Ruth chose Wood Elves.

Wood Elf Wardancer

Of all the teams I’ve done so far, the Wood Elves offer the most choices, with lots of extra heads and a few arm variants. Blitz Bowl doesn’t double up on models, but it’s still a nice touch.

Wood Elf Catcher

This is my first elf team for Blitz Bowl. They definitely sell as lithe compared to the humans.

Wood Elf Thrower

According to the guys at The Crush, the swirl on the top of the thrower’s head is a horn. Well I saw phooey to that, it’s hair.

The lineman all have mohawks and masks. To help match their status as “regular” players, they all have the same white hair.

I continued my trend of keeping the coin and token simple. They’re not exciting, but that’s what you get.

Blitz Bowl Wood Elves