Relicblade: Lone Guard

As I was getting ready for Adepticon, I realized I didn’t have enough models for the large 150 point Relicblade game I had on my schedule. All I had was the two-player starter I bought last year, plus a Gnome Battlesmith on an Ibex. So with a few weeks to go, I placed an order and hoped it would arrive in time for my to get it painted up. Shipping was super quick, and I managed to stay focused and get it done.

Lone Guard Ranger

First up in the ranger. I love this guy, although I’m pretty sure it would be hard to shoot the arrow how I glued the pieces together. Oops. I like doubling up on his bow with Quick Shot, and sending in the Sabertooth for a nice bonus to damage.


The Sabertooth is also great. At a bargain price of 5 points he can tie down a model and improve the Ranger’s shooting. My only problem with him is that as a Nature-only Companion, I need another Nature model if I want to take two. Of my collection, only the Ranger and Wild Elf Druid are Nature, and I don’t find I get great value out of the Druid. Maybe I should buy another Ranger.

Lone Guard Warrior

The Lone Guard Warrior is actually quite similar to the Ranger, except he’s set up for melee instead of ranged. Each model got a different colored cloak, but share the burgundy red for shirts and other details.


Finally there’s Billman. I have a hard time fitting him into lists. Most of the advocate models are in the 20-25 point range, which means after upgrades you can fit about four per 100 points of list. But Billman’s 10 points. It’s quite awkward to try to fit it in without other cheap models to fill in the gap. The one game I took with him had a lot of wasteful upgrades.

Lone Guard (group shot)

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